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Web Browser

Face it, Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge (Which is really IE for mobile) has gotten a lot of flack lately. It is no help that with some versions of Windows, you are stuck with an older version of Internet Explorer that may or may not be "Standards Compliant." (Known Fact: Microsoft has done this on purpose in an effort to force users to pay them to Upgrade their computers to get the "latest and greatest" Edge.)

But many of those in the industry have considered IE/Edge a joke. Many of the older versions, all the way up to 7 and 8, have issues that cause serious errors and lag on a computer. Not to mention all the security holes built into just about every version of IE keep getting repeated. Hopefully, the Chromium Edge isn't as bug laden - but in the meantime, we encourage you try out this alternative Browser for Windows.

So we offer alternatives using the link below: