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Welcome to the DWS Download Center.
We offer FREE software and tools for your Windows PC that we feel you need to have to operate on a day to day basis.

While Windows 10 does now offer software through the Microsoft Store
Most of those Apps are more designed for entry level users on Mobile Devices (such as phones and Tablets)
Our Site offers links to fully functional software that we have tested ourselves for use on Desktop and Laptop Computers.

If you are running Windows 10 on a Tablet or a Phone
We suggest you only install apps available through the Microsoft Store (unless what you need isn't available.)

If you are running Windows (any version) on a Desktop or Laptop
We suggest you use software listed on our site.

We also make it easy by randomizing your software choices, so you are not left confused with a lot of options for the Gategories listed to our menu to the right of this page.

Running MacOS or Linux/Unix?

Due to the Nature of MacOS and Linux/UNIX systems, it is extremely difficult for entry level (and some novice) users to install software via online downloads. Therefore, we do not offer any software for these OSes.

If you are running on MacOS or Linux
We highly suggest that you use the Built In Package Managers for your OS/Distro. (ie Synaptic)
You may still use the menu to the right to help guide what you search for in the Package Managers.
This will make installation of software much more simple and more automated/tuned to your OS and Architecture.

Many Linux Distros are FSF Complaint
This means that by default, they will only install "Free Software" (As is Compliant with the FSF)
This could mean things like Adobe Flash and other such software/drivers will not be easily available through your Package Manager.

-Many Distros do offer the option, or some way, to enable non-free software installs through Package Manager.

Otherwise, you may need to do a little research and learn to do some low level coding to properly install software not normally available through the Package Manager.