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Drako's Playground

Upload to Drako's Playground

Before you upload to Drako's Playground, please make sure your submission is follows our AUP.

Acceptable Upload Policy

Upload Art

You may upload General (PG-13) Art to Drako's Playground Art.
Note: Only Drawn art that is General/Mature in nature (PG-13) may be submitted here.
Tasteful Nudity is allowed as long as the art doesn't show signs of sexual arousal / is not sexual in nature.

Upload Art

Upload Photos

You may upload General (PG-13) Photos/Pictures to Drako's Playground Photos.
Regular and Fursuit Photos have their own categories to submit to.
Note: Only Photos that are General/Mature in nature (PG-13) may be submitted here.
Nudity / Photos sexual in nature are not allowed here.
Subjects must be in at least underwear and cannot be aroused.
No shots that focus on or are close ups of the crotch, butt, or boobs.

Upload Photos Upload Fursuit Photos

Upload Videos

You may upload General Videos to Drako's Playground Videos.
Note: Only Videos that are General (PG-13) in nature may be submitted here.

Upload Videos

Upload Stories/Poetry

You may upload General (PG-13) Stories and Poetry to Drako's Playground Library.
Note: Only Stories/Poetry that are General (PG-13) in nature may be submitted here.
Stories that portray sexual acts (especially in any detail) may not be posted here.
Requires an Account on Drako's Playground Forums.

Upload Stories/Poetry

Easy Transfer Service

You may use our Easy Transfer Service to have us do the following:

  • Upload some of the latest submissions from your other galleries here.
  • Moniter your other galleries and upload any new submissions here for you.

This service works for Art, Photos, Videos, and Stories.

Sign up for our Easy Transfer Service

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