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Drako's Playground

Drako's Playground Mascots: Felicia

Felicia was a cute lion boi that showed up to one of Drako's Parties. He noted that Drako was a bit of a strange one, but didn't let the oddities of the hybrid scare him off. After going to a few of the parties, Fel was rather pleased with the fact that he made that decision. So please, this lion decided to not only join the pack at Drako's Den, but to also be Drako's Publicist. He's had some experience working with the media in the past, and felt that Drako was getting a bad rap from some furries for no real good reason - aside from Drako's oddities and willingness to be open and honest about them.

With that, Fel began helping Drako write news articles to attempt to bring the fandom back to its welcoming roots, and help to bring people back together. While at the same time, attempting to disspell the negativity sorrounding Drako and his Den and Playground that some furs have decided to create for - from what he believes - no good reason other than some furs just not being able to be accepting of all different types of people. To Fel, this is not what Furry should be about. Furry should be open and welcoming to furries of all walks of life, and therefore noone should be shamed for the way they are, or the things they are into.

That being said, we are very thankful that Fel was given to the Den by BriMK.

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