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Drako's Playground

Drako's Playground Chat Description

The Playground was a big open space that was in a clearing of a mountain forest.
Since it was a mostly outdoor area, there were fire pits and natural gas heaters all over the place so furries could help stay warm. Especially in the winter months.
The entire playground also had lighting for events to be held at night.

The playground had a big field along a riverside. The river itself had a small beach behind some trees.

There was a swing set and slides on the other side of the field.

The entire field was lined by trees, since it was a forest clearing, and there were also a few trees within the park itself.

Up high in some of those trees were nice treehouses that had full electircity.
One of the treehouses was a bit larger than the others and had a TV and some computers in it.
The other treehouses were smaller and were setup more like small bedrooms to chill and relax.
One of the small treehouses had an ABDL pride flag on its door and had space for little furs and other ABDL's to change diapers. Along with all the supplies needed for this.

There were also small trails into the woods that ultimately led to Drako's Den, a bit higher up in the mountain, and also some other small cabins where furs could hang out and rest.

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