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Drako's Playground

Create / Activate your Gallery Accounts

To reduce the amount of SPAM accounts and reduce SPAM on our Galleries
We require all new accounts to be Activated by a staff member.

So you will need to create an account on Drako's Playground Art/Photo Sites.
Then you will need to come here to request your account to be Activated
before you can upload any images to Drako's Playground.

Before registering an account you will need to agree our:
Acceptable Upload Policy Community Rules Terms of Service

Step 1: create your account(s) here:
Drako's Playground Art Drako's Playground Photos

Step 2: Activate your account(s):
There are 2 ways you can request your account to be Activated:

  1. You may make the request on Drako's Playground Chat / Forums.
    This should get your account activated faster than via the form below.
    Drako's Playground ChatDrako's Playground Forums
  2. You may fill out the form below to request your account activation:
    This will go to The DWS Team, and may take up to 48 hours to process.
    You will be e-Mailed when your account is active.

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